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Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics for Kids Review

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When we think of probiotics, we usually think it is for adults. But did you know that even kids can benefit from them? Probiotics are said to help keep the immune system stronger as well as help fight against harmful bacteria.

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics for Kids

As a parent, I know I am not the only one who constantly worries about their child’s eating habits. When it comes to my toddler, I always make sure to include fruits and veggies in his diet. However, despite being mindful of what he eats, sometimes he does have a hard time getting things going in the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Getting in probiotics is a great way to make sure everything is smooth and easy as they are said to help in maintaining good bowel regularity as well as keep the immune system stronger.

I recently got a chance to try out Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics that are chewable probiotics specifically for kids.

The best part about this brand is that they do not have any artificial or harmful ingredients in them which is what I always look into any food product before giving to my child. After all, you want the very best for your little one, right?

About Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics 

probiotics for kids

Wakunaga of America is a family-owned, privately-held supplement company established in 1972. They developed Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics nearly thirty years ago with the goal of sharing the health benefits of “friendly bacteria” to help maintain overall well-being.

Kyo-Dophilus Kids Probiotics come in a tasty vanilla chewable that is formulated with a dosage that effectively boosts the immune system and bowel regularity while being gentle on young tummies.

Apart from maintaining good bowel regularity, these probiotics also help to relieve occasional digestive discomfort, as well as promote healthy immune function.

A Few More Facts 

Kyo-Dophilus Kids Probiotics are –

  • Dairy free

  • Gluten free

  • No artificial colors

  • No preservatives

  • Non-GMO

  • Sodium free

  • Soy free

In what form can you give these probiotics to your kids?

For kids who are under 2, you can crush the pill and mix it in their food which is what I do for my son. If your child is 2 years or up and can swallow properly, they can have it as is.

Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics for Kids

Since my son is still young and can’t chew properly yet, I just crush it into his food (like oatmeal) and give it to him. Once he becomes a little older & can chew properly, I can give it to him as is. By making this probiotic a part of his daily routine, I have definitely noticed an overall difference and I cannot recommend it enough.

I also like that it is not in a gummy form (since many kids supplements come in that form) & that is something I wanted to avoid as of now.

Where to Buy?

If you too are on the lookout for a better-for-you probiotic brand for your kid, you can buy Wakunaga of America Kyo-Dophilus Kids Probiotic at your local health food stores, Sprouts Farmers Market, Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, as well as online at Swansons Vitamins and Amazon.

Click here for the full list of locations.

probiotics for kids

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