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How to Avoid Getting Sick during Fall & Winter

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The colder weather is synonymous with cold, cough, runny nose as well as the dreaded flu. While these things are inevitable these simple yet effective tips can help you avoid getting Sick during Fall & Winter.

how to avoid getting sick during fall & winter

Fall has always been my favorite season – it’s not too hot and not too cold. It makes you want to enjoy the crisp air and go out more. Plus my son is a Fall baby so that makes it all the more special.

Now that Fall is finally here, we are looking forward to visiting pumpkin patches, tractor rides, corn maze and all things that you usually do in Fall. This year would be the first time my son will actually get to enjoy Fall (last here he was just a newborn) So we are looking forward to creating memories with him.

But the colder weather is also synonymous with cold, cough, runny nose as well as the dreaded flu. While these things are inevitable these simple yet effective tips can help you avoid getting Sick during Fall & Winter

Stay Hydrated

During the cooler months, we often tend to drink less water. You can set an hourly reminder on your phone to remind you to drink enough water during the day.

Wash your Hands

Fall leaves

This is something that is quite obvious but also the biggest things that we often forget to do, especially when we are out and about. Our phones, laptops etc have so many countless germs but most of us end up eating our snacks/ lunch without washing our hands because we either don’t have the time for it or we are just plain lazy (hey, it’s okay to admit the truth)

But it’s always best to wash your hands before touching your food so that you avoid any harmful germs from getting in your body.

Hand Sanitizers are your best friend

desert essence probiotic sanitizer

Now that I am a mom, I have become more of a clean freak – not the crazy type of clean freak, but I make sure that my hands are clean before I pick up my little one. I have always relied on Hand sanitizers and their importance increased even more for me once my son was born. They are so convenient as you don’t have to go to the bathroom every time to wash your hands before you touch your baby.

I recently got to try Desert Essence’s Probiotic hand sanitizers and they have been such a game-changer.

Now you may say what is so great about this sanitizer? But seriously, I had never heard let alone tried a sanitizer with probiotics along with the goodness of essential oils in it.

desert essence hand sanitizers

These hand sanitizers kill 99.99% of the most common harmful germs while delivering good bacteria courtesy of probiotic-packed Kefir, which leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth without a drying effect.

I am in love with these Hand sanitizers!

  • Firstly their scents are really pleasant (the one with Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass is my absolute favorite) without it being overly powerful. Unlike most other sanitizers who tend to have a really strong or an overly sweet scent, these sanitizers will actually make you feel calm thanks to essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil (this can be a plus, especially for people who are not really into overly strong or sweet scents)

  • Secondly, they do not leave a sticky residue behind after application and actually made my hands feel soft thanks to the probiotic-packed Kefir.

  • Lastly, they are super affordable and you can even snag a discount right now on them –

Use promo code DEprobioticpower to get 30% off Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers by clicking here or visiting desertessence.com.


desert essence hand sanitizers

The mini ones are really cute, are under $5, and are perfect to carry in your bag (I have one in my diaper bag and another in my car).

I have tried Desert Essence products in the past and my experience with them has been really positive. And it’s safe to say that I am going to be a regular customer when it comes to their Probiotic sanitizers. 

desert essence hand sanitizer

Use Layers

The weather can be so tricky at times, especially during Fall. One moment it may look bright and sunny, and the next moment it can suddenly become so chilly. Carrying layers with you like a scarf or a lightweight jacket can help you stay warm and protected against the sudden windy & cold weather.

fall leave

Be prepared for unexpected Showers

Just the way how it can suddenly become sunny to chilly, you cannot really predict Fall showers. Make sure you are prepared by carrying a little foldable umbrella or even a lightweight poncho when you are traveling. They don’t weigh much and you can easily keep them in your bag or purse.

Tip: Always keep an extra umbrella or rain ponchos in your car in case you forget to carry them in your bag.

Take Proper Rest

Sleep deprivation is the biggest factor that can cause tiredness which can add to the stress. In our busy lives, it can sometimes be tough to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep (and if you have young kids, it can be all the more difficult.) But try to take enough rest, at least on weekends that can help you rejuvenate for the busy weekdays.

I hope some of these tips help you to enjoy Fall with your loved ones. And if you too would love to try out Desert Essence’s Probitioc Hand Sanitizers, don’t forget to use the promo code DEprobioticpower to get 30% off.


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