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Degusta Box Food Subscription Review – February

Degustabox is a monthly food subscription service box that sends you an assortment of delicious food & beverage products (that you may not typically find at all retailers) every month. Many of the products have clean ingredients in them and are often organic, non-GMO, free from preservatives, and so on.

Here’s a sneak peek at February’s Degusta Box –

degusta box feb

The theme for February was – Superbowl. Like always, all the items in the box exceeded the money that you pay for (i.e. $19.99 per box or $12.99 for your first box)

Let’s take a peek at all the delicious items in February’s Box.

1. Manitou Truffle, Parmesan & Black Garlic Seasoning – $4.49

Starting from our very favorite this month – this delicious seasoning which combines umami-rich flavors of truffle, black garlic and Parmesan cheese tastes amazing on fries, pasta, popcorn or even salads. I’m definitely be going to keep buying this once I run out of it.

manitou seasoning

2. Emmy’s Organic Coconut Cookies

We really enjoyed these soft cookies which had a rich coconutty flavor. They are vegan, USDA Organic and gluten-free. These were one of my favorites in this box. Emmy’s Organics has a couple of different cookies as well and I’m definitely planning to try them out.

emmy's cookies


3. PB Fit (Product of the Month) – $5.99 fr 8 oz

PBFit is a pretty interesting product -you just need to add this peanut butter powder in your smoothies or you can even make peanut butter, dips, oatmeal, protein balls and pancakes with it. I had never tried this kind of product before so it was pretty interesting to try it out.

It has about one-third the calories and 90% less fat compared to traditional peanut butter (when prepared as directed) and it is vegan, gluten-free and packed with protein.




4. Just Add Classic Guacamole – $1.19 each

Once again, this type of product is something I had never tried before. You just add water and mix 2 avocados and you have delicious guacamole ready.

just add guacamole

5. Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings – $3.29

These pretzel rings were a perfect snack to munch on during Superbowl. I mean you can never go wrong with pretzels now, can you?

sourdough craft beer pretzel rings

6. Popcorners – $3.29 for 7 oz bag

A great snack to munch on – perfect for this month’s theme of Superbowl.


7. Manitou Piri Piri Sauce

We absolutely loved this zesty Piri Piri sauce. We used it as a marinade on chicken wings but I’m sure it would taste amazing in things like stews, dressings as well as pasta sauces to give it a nice twist.

piri piri sauce

8. BeanSmash – $1.49

This convenient bean dip was ready in just under minutes by simply adding water and heating it up. I think it’s really great for when you’re extremely short of time but still want to serve something delicious while watching a game or a movie.


9. Raindrops Candy Tacos – $4.99

These candies came packaged in a cute taco shape. When I first saw the packaging, I thought it was a giant candy but when I opened it, I saw that it has several small candies packed all together. They are chewy and not overly sweet. However, I am not a huge fan of chewy candies so I’m planning to give these to my niece who I’m sure will enjoy them.

candy tacos


candy taco


The total cost of all the items comes to approximately $28 which is way more than what you pay for. Have you tried out Degustabox yet?

They also have awesome offers and giveaways on their Instagram, so be sure to follow them @degustaboxusa

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think