11 Reasons Why You Need to Travel More

While some people are frequent travelers, others prefer to take planned vacations once or twice a year. Whatever category you are in, traveling will always leave you so much happier. Here are a few reasons why you need to travel more often.

While some people are frequent travelers, others prefer to take planned vacations once or twice a year. Whatever category you are in, traveling will always leave you so much happier. 

Many of us dream of traveling the world. But frequent travel may not be an option for many of us. I mean, I get it. We all have bills to pay and unavoidable expenses every month. But I firmly believe that this should not stop you from traveling. You can still travel without burning a hole in your pocket. The key is to not spend frivolously and take your budget for a toss. In fact, many frequent travelers stick to a strict budget and do not believe in staying at fancy hotels.

Here are my top reasons why you need to travel more often –

1. You learn new things

Whether it’s a new language or a new culture, travel helps to broaden your horizons. You will start noticing beauty all around you even in the simplest of things and you’ll always get to learn something new.

why you should travel more often

 2. It will make you more open minded

We often get used to living in our own bubble. But traveling will open your eyes to a whole new world and will make you more open minded.

3. To Challenge yourself

Whether you decide to try out some adventure sports like bungee jumping or deep sea diving or even volunteer in a completely different country, travel will make you come out of your comfort zone.

4. You get to Experience something new

Travel helps to break your regular habits and introduces you to greater diversity around you. It invokes a sense of curiosity and you get to experience things you may have never experienced before.

5. Traveling can humble you

why you need to travel more

Traveling will make you aware of your surroundings. You may come across situations where a stranger might unexpectedly help you or similar other things that can truly humble you.

6. Teaches you Patience and Tolerance

When you’re traveling, not everything will go as per your plan. There may be delays, cancellations or unexpected weather changes. But all this is just part of travel and it teaches you that not everything is in your control. It helps you to be more patient and tolerant of the situations.

7. You get to explore different cuisines

Being a foodie at heart, you know I just had to add this point. You can’t beat the delicious local food that you get to try when you travel to different places. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

chicken in waffle cone - Chick n Cone

And yes, I thought I should just put it out there, even though I’m sure you might be already aware of it – For a truly authentic experience, skip the chain restaurants while traveling and try to eat at local restaurants.

8. To give you a true sense of Freedom

When anyone asks me what it is that I love the most about traveling, I tell them that it makes me feel like a bird. It’s true. Getting away from your daily routine can give you a sense of freedom that you’ll begin to enjoy more and more.

9. To live in the moment

We’re so hooked to technology these days that sometimes we forget to live in the moment. But when you travel and connect with nature, it teaches you to live in the moment, truly enjoy life and savor every bit of it.

10. It makes you Happier

The joy of traveling is incomparable to all other worldly and materialistic pleasures.

11. And Best of all, You Get to make Memories

Often the best memories with your loved ones are created when you travel with them. Travel will help you create memories that will last you a lifetime and make you a storyteller.

“Collect memories, not things.”

And if these reasons still don’t convince you, ask yourself – If not now, then when?

While some people are frequent travelers, others prefer to take planned vacations once or twice a year. Whatever category you are in, traveling will always leave you so much happier. Here are 11 reasons why you need to pack your bags and start traveling now.

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  • Loretta

    June 21, 2017

    You didn’t need to convince me about travel 🙂 Your write up is great, I think I love to travel for all those same reasons, although I’ll have to say that the older I get, the moans and groans from moi increase 🙂 We just got back from being away for 3 weeks. 10 days in England where I visited my family and celebrated Mom’s 90th, and a week in Switzerland. Like you, I do believe travel opens up so many doors and enriches the mind and the soul. I do have a travel section on my blog, but I have a hard time keeping up with it. After your post, I’ll have to make an added effort to get up to date with all my travels. 🙂 Great post!

    • smilingnotes

      June 21, 2017

      Loretta, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate it. I’m sure you must have had an amazing time celebrating your mom’s 90th birthday! I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland… hopefully some day soon 🙂 In the meantime, I will look forward to your travel posts and virtually travel through all your wonderful adventures.

  • MyCulinarySaga

    June 22, 2017

    I so agree with you here: Totally love travelling and I appreciate travelling alone more now – I learn more, absorb more, enjoy more and connect more! Great post

    • smilingnotes

      June 22, 2017

      I’ve never tried traveling solo but I would really love to some day. I bet solo traveling is a different experience all together.

      • MyCulinarySaga

        June 22, 2017

        yes it is 🙂 must try – trust me you would want to do it often then. Recommend and encourage doing it atleast once in a lifetime.

        • smilingnotes

          June 22, 2017

          Your words are really inspiring! Here’s hoping I do it soon ??

  • anroworld

    June 22, 2017

    You are so right as always, packing my suitcase already!

    • smilingnotes

      June 22, 2017

      Thanks, Ann! I’m ready for your summer adventures on YouTube ??

  • Sumith

    June 23, 2017

    Beautiful article. Explore the world in travelling. I experienced this great time working on a cruise lines visiting many countries all around the world.

    • Smiling Notes

      July 10, 2017

      Wow..I’m sure it must have been a great experience working on a cruise line.

  • Jo Smith

    July 4, 2017

    When I travel, I usually visit family at the same time. I post my travels on my blog afterwards. I personally love Europe, but I’ve never been to South America, Africa, Australia, or Asia.

    • smilingnotes

      July 4, 2017

      I have never been to Europe but it’s definitely on my list. Thanks for stopping by ?

  • Janice Wald

    July 23, 2017

    Hi Shamira,
    Congratulations! You won the July 3 Inspire Me Monday Linky Party and will be featured on my site on Monday.

    • smilingnotes

      July 23, 2017

      That is so awesome, Janice. Thank you so much!

  • Alok Singhal

    August 11, 2017

    This post matches my list too. Agree with you, especially the memories part ?

    • smilingnotes

      August 11, 2017

      Yup..I think creating memories is the best part about traveling ??

  • Agness of eTramping

    August 24, 2017

    I couldn’t agree more with your and your reasons, Sha! Excellent and very motivating post!

  • The Globe Trotter

    September 4, 2017

    I agree with all the 11 reasons you have listed. Excellent post!

    • smilingnotes

      September 4, 2017

      Thanks! Glad you liked it ?

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