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Honest Review of Lovevery: The Examiner Play Kit for 4 Year Olds

As a parent, it’s always a joy to discover educational tools that not only engage my child but also nurture their growth and development.

We have been using Lovevery Play kits since my son was a baby and it has truly been a game-changer in our household.

The thoughtfully curated toys cater to my child’s curiosity and evolving interests. From interactive puzzles that spark creativity to hands-on activities that promote problem-solving skills, each item in the kit is designed to stimulate young minds.

Lovevery offers Stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain. If you have a little one, you may have definitely heard of them. Their different play kits right from the baby stage to the toddler stage is carefully curated by expert professionals.

In this post, let’s take a look at one of the recent Play Kit kits we got for my 4-year-old.

A Wholesome Learning Journey for My 4-Year-Old:

Honest Review of Lovevery: The Examiner Play Kit for 4 Year Olds


What sets Lovevery apart?

I absolutely like that all their kits are designed to encompass various developmental aspects, from fine motor skills to cognitive growth. It’s heartwarming to see my child engaged in hours of imaginative play, all while learning essential life skills in the process.

As a parent, I appreciate the convenience of the subscription model. Every box arrives with age-appropriate items that cater perfectly to my child’s stage of development. It’s like unwrapping a bundle of joy and learning every time!

One of the standout features of the Lovevery subscription is the attention to detail.

The toys are not only entertaining but also safe, durable, and eco-friendly. I absolutely love that they are built to withstand the enthusiastic play of my 4-year-old while prioritizing their well-being!

What comes in your Lovevery Examiner Play Kit?

This kit is meant for a 4 year old (Months 52, 53, 54) & comes with the following things:

  • Plan Ahead Week Board

  • Modeling Sand & Wipeable Mat

  • Unit Block Builders & Activity Cards

  • Rhyming Rings

  • Show, Tell & Think Empathy Game

  • ‘The Appropriate Game’ Book

  • Time & Compare Stopwatch

  • Play Guide for Months 52, 53, 54

My son’s favorites from the play kit are:

The Stopwatch – He can’t stop playing with it 0 it helps in number recognition

Lovevery: The Examiner Play Kit

The modeling sand along with the unit block builders are also a HUGE HIT! He has played with it for extended periods of time which says a lot – especially for a 4 year old curious little one.


Lastly – their books are always such a huge hit. In fact, he still loves all the books that have come in his previous Lovevery Kits!

The other things like the rhyming kit and the plan ahead board are also great and are perfect for his age.


  • Thoughtfully curated toys that encourage learning and creativity.

  • High-quality, safe materials.

  • A comprehensive approach to developmental growth.

  • Convenient subscription model tailored to your child’s age.

  • A meaningful gift that keeps on giving, fostering learning and joy.


  • None! Lovevery has truly exceeded my expectations.

In a world of toys, Lovevery shines as an educational beacon that ignites the love of learning in young minds. It’s an investment that has enriched my child’s playtime, imagination, and cognitive skills.


If you’re seeking a toy subscription that not only entertains but also nurtures your child’s potential, I wholeheartedly recommend Lovevery. It’s an investment in their future wrapped in endless fun and discovery.


Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think