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5 Habits for a Better & Successful Lifestyle


If you are someone who lives a busy and workaholic lifestyle, you can often get caught in a rut and breaking out of it can sometimes be really difficult. So what do you do to achieve a positive and successful lifestyle?

While there is no perfect formula or ‘secrets’ to this, these few simple tips can help you to achieve a better & successful lifestyle that can help you in your work as well as personal life.

1. Set an achievable daily to-do list

We often have so many tasks on hand that our daily to-do lists are filled to the brim. And although it would be awesome to achieve all of our daily goals, sometimes it’s just not possible which can make us frustrated and demotivated. So instead of being hard on yourself and trying to achieve 10 different goals in a single day, focus on a few key goals that you can easily achieve.

2. Use your free time or commute time effectively

Most of us have the habit of listening to music while we are commuting to work or while doing household chores.

But instead of just listening to music during your free time, take advantage of that time by listening to something that will truly benefit you.

There are tons of inspirational and knowledge-filled podcast episodes that you can listen to depending on what you

like. I will admit that ever since I started listening to them, I’m totally addicted! I now even listen to podcasts when I’m cleaning my home or doing the dishes. It’s really motivating and I learn something new even when I’m doing mundane activities.

3. Fuel your body with Better Choices

grilled chicken quinoa bowl

Whether it’s breakfast lunch or dinner, make sure you fuel your body with the right type of food in order to have a better lifestyle. In order to eat healthier, you need to have a variety of easy meal solutions to help accomplish your goals.

So whether your goal is protein-rich meals, low-calorie food or any other goals that you may have set for yourself, always go for healthier meal solutions that are better for you.

I have always mentioned how I love having convenient, easy and healthier meal solutions at home so that I do not

have to keep worrying as to what to make for lunch or dinner. Since my husband leaves for work pretty early, he prefers carrying his breakfast that he can have on the go.

I have been a huge fan of Jimmy Dean® products for a long time now and I love their convenient breakfast options.

jimmy dean delights 

In order to have a filling and protein-filled breakfast that is easy to carry on the go, the Jimmy Dean Delights® English Muffin is one of our favorites!

jimmy dean delights

Similarly, when it comes to lunch or dinner ideas, grilled chicken is an excellent source of protein and is so versatile. I love putting it in wraps, salads and even quinoa bowls.

Since Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken is already fully cooked, I can always rely on it whenever I just don’t have the time to cook or when I’m having a busy time. It just requires a few minutes and I can make a wholesome and delicious meal for my family without having to worry too much!

Here is how I made this delicious Grilled Chicken Quinoa bowl using Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken

grilled chicken quinoa bowls

5 Habits for a Better & Successful Lifestyle


  • Quinoa - 1 cup
  • Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken - 12-15 pieces
  • Avocado - 1/2
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp
  • Salad greens - 1 cup
  • Salt & pepper as per taste


  1. Cook the quinoa as per package directions.
  2. Heat up the Tyson Grilled and Ready® Chicken either on skillet or microwave.
  3. Place the quinoa in a bowl and add salad greens of your choice, grilled chicken pieces, sliced avocado.
  4. Add lemon juice and salt & pepper as per taste and Enjoy!
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Since I’m someone who loves saving time and money, I love stocking up my fridge with these easy meal solutions whenever I go to my local Sam’s Club.

sam's club

sam's club

The Sam’s Club membership is a great way to save both time and money. If I’m in a rush, I prefer to use their club pick up but I love going in-store and take advantage of their instant savings as well!

Whatever the case may be, Sam’s Club always has amazing deals and being a long time member, I can totally vouch that they have some of the best prices there.


4. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Thinking about things that you have absolutely no control over is not going to help in any way. If things do not go your way, learn to let go of things. Instead look at the positive side of things and focus on the challenges that lay ahead of you and try to find alternate solutions to them.

5. Visualize your Goals

Try to spend at least 10 minutes every day to reflect and think about the goals that you want to achieve in your life.

These can be short-term or even long-term goals. Write it down in your planner. Since we are all visual creatures, creating mood boards on your laptop or even on a whiteboard is also an excellent way of staying motivated.


I hope some of these tips will help you to live a better and successful lifestyle. What are some of your tips to live a better and successful lifestyle?

And don’t forget to take advantage of your Sam’s Club membership to stock up on healthier options that are better for you and your family!


Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think