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Shilla Korean BBQ – A Meat Eater’s delight

Shilla Korean Barbeque, New York City

Anyone who has been to Koreatown in New York city will know that this place is a food lover’s paradise. Apart from tons of food options (that will spoil you for choice), you’ll also get to see some of the famous Korean makeup and skin-care stores there like Tony Moly, The Face Shop etc. (All the more reason for us ladies to roam around 😀 ) Of course you can buy these products online, but you have to agree with me – going to these stores that are famous for their cute packaging is always fun.

Ok so before I drift into makeup land, let me come back to my post. I had been wanting to go to a Korean BBQ place since like eternity and ‘Shilla Korean BBQ’ has some of the best ratings online. Apparently, the hubs had been to this place a few years back with his colleagues and he was really happy with their food. 

The very first thing that I noticed about this place was the warm welcome by the friendly staff. The place is pretty decent sized and every table has a grill station.

This is kind of going to be a short review since we only tried two dishes which were phenomenal by the way. Having already had a coffee and donut while roaming the streets of NYC, we decided to skip the appetizers (trying so hard not to over-eat, you see 😉 )

We were overwhelmed by the wide variety on the menu so we relied on the server’s recommendation – she said that the marinated pork belly was one of their most liked dishes. So along with that, we got their thinly sliced marinated beef rib eye. As soon as the order was placed, they got an assortment of different dishes like Kimchi, beans, lettuce, salad etc in small dishes and placed it on our table.

Shilla Barbeque, Koreatown, NYC

They also got a hot bowl of steamed egg which was on the house. How kind of them.

Steamed Egg

Then the feast preparation began. Our server got the beef and pork along with a few veggies. She meticulously placed the onion and sweet potatoes on the hot flaming bbq and then placed the beef strips. I couldn’t wait to try out the juicy looking beef as she skillfully cooked it to perfection.

Beef getting grilled at Shilla BBQ, NYC

We asked her to wait for the pork so we could enjoy the beef.

I’m glad we had the pork belly after the beef since it was even more delicious… one of the juiciest pork I have had in recent days (after the one I had at Gordon Ramsay’s of course) Marinated to perfection, the flavor was beautiful – spicy and sweet – just as expected.

Pork Belly getting grilled at Shilla BBQ, NYC

In fact, both the dishes were so awesome that I didn’t feel the need to wrap the meat in lettuce or anything else. I wanted to savor it on its own.

Note that if you want a dish to be barbecued at your table, you need to order a minimum of two dishes from their BBQ menu (priced between $27-$32 per dish – a little steep but then again, almost all the restaurants out there are priced in a similar way)

For dessert, we already had plans of going to the Spot Dessert Bar which is just a couple of minutes away. (More of that awesomeness later. You can check out the pic on my Instagram for a little sneak pic)

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Do you guys like going to BBQ restaurants?? 


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