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Simple Ways to Update your Home this Summer

If you are searching for ways to spruce up your home without penny-pinching, these five things will freshen your home up and hopefully bump up the selling price of your home.

No matter if it is your dream home or your first home, when you first move into a new house, you have so many ideas and inspiration for what you are going to do to it over the years.

You think about how your children will grow up playing in your backyard (maybe under your renovated pergola?!), how you might add a new nursery one day, or how you could turn your basement into a movie theater. While you are daydreaming about all of the changes you could make to your home, the one thing you are not thinking about is how costly and timely a lot of updating really takes.

Don’t worry, though – there really are simple ways to update your home in 2022 without spending a fortune. If you are searching endlessly for ways to spruce up your home without penny-pinching, you are in luck because today, we are coming at you with five things that you can do to your home which will freshen it up and hopefully bump up the (future) selling price of your home.

Replace your outlet and light switch plates

On average, outlet plates are under two dollars each and light switch plates are usually under three dollars, each. If you have those dreaded old, yellow-tinted outlet and light switch plates, I would highly recommend switching them out for new plates. You could even consider upgrading them a bit, in order to add a dimming option, which would be great. Although this change seems very small in comparison to some renovations and updates, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by the huge difference it will make in the overall look of your home. Do keep in mind that if you purchase a light switch or outlet plate that is smaller than your old plate, you will have to re-paint (which will honestly freshen things up even more!). Replacing these plates are a very inexpensive and simple way to do a little refresh!

Freshen up your kitchen

The moment you hop on Pinterest nowadays, you see so many elaborate kitchen renovations. If you have the time and money for this and it is what you really want, go for it, but I believe there is an inexpensive way to freshen up your kitchen, without spending a fortune. Smaller updates such as replacing your floor, buying new kitchen mats, updating the backsplash, or painting your kitchen cabinets can make a huge change. Yes, replacing your floors can be expensive depending on the material you use, but if you get a discounted tile or laminate and you do it yourself, I think you will have a huge update for a very affordable rate. Same thing with backsplash – choose materials that are lower in price and try to do it yourself. There are so many tutorials out there now, so if you are even the slightest bit handy, I believe you can do it yourself!

Work on your landscaping

Did you know that a lot of home purchasers bump up what they will pay for a home if it has really nice landscaping? This is another way to boost the curb appeal, update your home, and save money by doing it yourself. The great thing about doing yard work is the fact that there is not a ‘right way’ to do it – you have complete control and you have the ability to choose the colors, the types of flowers, and the amount of floral and plants that you put in.

Move your furniture around

consider it moving

Do you want a simple and FREE tip that you can easily do? Just move your furniture around! Switching up your layout in your home is one of the best simple ways to update your home – without spending a dime. However, not everyone has the ability to move every single item in their home themselves. If you need help moving some larger pieces, call in the pros! There are plenty of people you can hire to help move big pieces of furniture and one that I recently heard of is Consider It Moving, based out of New York! They offer Long Island moving services such as residential moving, labor-only moving, packing services, storage, and so much more. When you work with Consider It Moving, you can count on them for customer-focused service, fast and efficient moving services, and of course, competitive pricing. They even have a 5-star rating on Google with over 100 reviews, so that is how you can rest easy, knowing that they will go above and beyond for you.

Add new decor

home decor

Adding new decor can easily take a home from drab to fab and it can be very inexpensive. For example, adding mirrors can help a home look larger, adding seasonal decorative pillows can help brighten up a room, and adding new rugs can also add color and texture to a room.


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