Easy Hacks for finding the Cheapest Flight Deals

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Whether you are a frequent traveler or just love to go on an occasional trip with your family, check out these hacks to save some serious money on your air travel –

How to Always get the Best & Cheapest Flight Deals - Whether you are a frequent traveler or just love to go on an occasional trip with your family, check out these hacks to save some serious money on your air travel.

Traveling to different destinations is something that almost everyone enjoys. But the major factor that causes people to rethink taking frequent vacations is the cost of travel, more specifically the cost of flights.

It is something that you obviously cannot avoid and can cause your budget to go for a toss. Plus if you are traveling with your family, the cost of a flight per person can add up. That’s why many people can’t really afford to go on multiple vacations in a year.

I am someone who regularly looks for deals and discounts – be it grocery shopping, makeup shopping or clothes shopping. So it is natural for me to hunt deals when planning a vacation as well.

We recently went to Orlando Florida which also happened to be our baby’s first air travel. Naturally like any first-time parent, we wanted to make sure that our son’s first-time flying experience should be hassle-free and smooth.

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Of course, I wanted to find the best and cheapest flights for our family. Deals and discounts are all around us but you have to know the right place to search for them.

After doing a ton of research, I finally settled on  that encourages you to ‘Go Ahead, Be Cheap’ when it comes to going on a vacation. It is an online travel agency based in New York City that offers deals to worldwide destinations on over 600 airlines, 1 million hotels, and 100s of car rental companies.

Unlike other travel booking websites, CheapOAir is flight-focused and offers unique flight itineraries to their customers. As I said, the cost of air travel is the biggest factor that can make or break your vacation. Getting good deals on airline travel was one of our biggest priorities since that is one of the biggest expenses while traveling.

Here are a couple of hacks that saved us hundreds of dollars and that you can use as well to find the best and cheapest flights on your next trip or vacation –

Do your Research

First of all, it is always better to do thorough research and compare flight rates so that you can get the best deal.

As mentioned above, for our trip to Orlando, I was able to find the best and cheapest flight deals through CheapOAir.

Once you have figured out the website through which you are going to book the flight tickets, the next part is checking how you can score additional deals or discounts by other methods, which takes me to my next point –

Keep your Airline Options Open

I know we all have a preference for specific airlines (we do as well). There are some airlines that I absolutely love while some that I really don’t want to travel in because of prior not-so-good experiences. And that is fair enough – sometimes it is best to stay loyal to the airlines that you like as you know what to expect from them.

However, Cheapoair has a Fusion Fares technology, that not only gives you single airline itineraries but also itineraries that feature multiple airlines that can result in a much lower cost per ticket.

The benefit is that sometimes it may so happen that certain airlines may offer a better rate than the one that you are usually used to traveling with. So it is always better to keep your options open and consider traveling by a different airline in case the cost difference is significant.

Look out for Special Secret Deals

CheapOAir has special secret deals that they will send you if you sign up with your email id on their website. These amazing deals are sure to catch your attention as they are always at such a great price.

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Special “phone only” deals

Usually, other Online Travel Agencies want you to book online and be done with it. But CheapOair is different. It encourages you to pick up the phone and let one of their thousands of travel specialists aid you in your search.

cheapoair phone only deals

The best part about getting on the phone is that they often offer you special “phone only” deals – some of these fares are so low that the airlines don’t let them advertise the deals online. Now that makes getting on the phone worth it!


When I was booking our flight tickets to Orlando Florida, we decided to get on the phone and talk to one of CheapOAir’s travel specialists.


And let me tell you it was so convenient to speak with them and book our flights this way. They handled all of our queries in an efficient manner and even gave us their special phone-only deal that saved us a lot of money! I would highly recommend doing this.

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Booking through CheapOAir was a total breeze. We not only booked our flights but also our Hotel accommodation as well as the Car rental service through their website. This made our trip to Orlando such a hassle-free one and we did not have to worry about a single thing.

So next time you plan to book a trip – whether you are traveling solo or taking a vacation with your entire family, “Go Ahead, Be Cheap” and book your trip through After all, who doesn’t like saving money??

You can also take a look at CheapOair’s blog to read more travel tips and tricks around the world.

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Easy Hacks for finding the Cheapest Flight Deals - Whether you are a frequent traveler or just love to go on an occasional trip with your family, check out these hacks to save some serious money on your air travel.


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