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#ad These Baked Chicken Tenders are such a huge hit at our home - just 490 calories for the entire bag & coated with the goodness of cauliflower! #NoCluckinWay @caulipower


As a family with a young child, I am always looking out for easy, healthy and balanced meal solutions that our entire family will enjoy.

Lately, my little one is obsessed with chicken. There was a phase when he used to love steamed peas & carrots and now he won’t touch them. But if you offer him chicken, he will devour it in no time. Now I’m definitely not complaining, but I know he also easily gets bored if I offer him the same type of chicken every day & I am always looking for different ways I can serve him chicken – especially something that won’t take up a lot of time.

So when I saw these CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders in my grocery store’s freezer aisle the other day, I thought I’d give them a try.

Now let me tell you that when it comes to frozen meals, I am very, very picky, especially when it comes to serving them to my little one. I always make sure to read the label and make sure I’m offering the very best to him.

So what is so different about these chicken tenders? These juicy tenders only have 490 calories for the entire bag and are baked (not fried) to crispy golden perfection.  

Here are some more facts about the New Chick On The Block –

  • Only 490 calories for the whole darn bag – that’s the lowest-calorie chicken tender you’ll find in the freezer aisle.

  • Made with premium chicken that is all-natural, raised with no antibiotics ever, and cage-free.

  • Coating packed with cauliflower and other gluten-free goodness.

  • 86% less fat than any other chicken tender or nugget.

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These baked chicken tenders are such an easy meal solution on busy days for my family. Just pop them in the oven and they are ready in no time. They have been a total game-changer for me especially when my little guy is cranky due to hunger and I want to give him something filling, healthy and delicious all at the same time.

chicken tenders

They are both kid & adult approved and have the goodness of cauliflower in them. They come in Original & Spicy(ish) flavors and have become our new favorite. I have already bought my second bag of these juicy tenders coz the first one was gone in no time!

caulipower chicken tenders

Have you tried these baked chicken tenders yet? You can get them at your local grocery store in the freezer aisle. Try CAULIPOWER Chicken Tenders for yourself and get $2 OFF here.

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