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Making mealtime easier with Wildscape Meals

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You guys know that I love trying out new food products with better-for-you ingredients that can make mealtime a breeze. And when it’s something that is ready under 6 minutes with real ingredients in it – you know I’m going to definitely give it a try.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Wildscape Meals which are basically frozen meals that focus on fresh ingredients. And since I always like to share new finds that I have been loving, I thought of sharing about them with you guys.

wildscape food

Now that summer is finally here, like most of you, I’m trying to take advantage of the outdoors as much as possible. You know, trying to soak in the sunshine for as long as summer lasts.

But in all the fun and excitement of being out and about, sometimes cooking takes a backseat for me. Oh and add to that a baby who has started crawling and getting into everything, I find myself even more pinched for time these days.

Easy and quick meals have always been my jam ever since I can remember. And now with an even busier lifestyle as a new mom, I have to make sure I properly plan my meals and eat something that is healthy and filling in order to have the energy to take care of the babe. And well, eating out or getting take out is something that we try to restrict on the weekends… I mean, it’s not an ideal choice for the wallet as well, right?

wildscape food

Generally, when it comes to frozen food I’m very specific or might I say, choosy? More often than not, most frozen meals lack in the flavor department and I have noticed that they are not that filling. I always find myself hungry within an hour or two after eating a frozen meal. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Surprisingly when I tried out Wildscape Meals, they exceeded all my expectations. You know how most frozen meals taste like – well, frozen? Wildscape meals honestly don’t taste frozen at all and in fact taste deliciously fresh. Their mission is to make frozen food worth getting excited about and boy, have they got me excited for sure!

All you have to do is heat them up in the microwave and you have a hearty and delicious meal with lots of flavor and texture ready under 6 minutes.

They come in six different flavors –

  • Chimichurri Chicken with Red Potatoes, Poblano Chiles, Bell Peppers, Barley, and Aji Amarilla Purée

  • Cilantro Lime Chicken with Charred Corn Salsa, Red Rice and Black Beans, Riced Cauliflower, and Avocado Mojo Verde

  • Gochujang Cauliflower (vegetarian and gluten-free)

  • Peri Peri Portobellos (vegetarian)

  • Seared Steak with Caramelized Sweet Potatoes, Sorghum, Red Rice, and Pickled Onions (gluten-free)

  • Togarashi Beef with Red Cabbage, Edamame and Carrots, Wheat Berries, and Black Garlic Miso

wildscape food


wildscape frozen meals

Now speaking about the ingredients – they have real ingredients like barley, red rice, chickpeas and have pretty good sized chunks of chicken, sweet potatoes, beef, mangoes.

As for the flavor, I was highly impressed with all of them. My favorites are the Chimichurri Chicken and the Portobello Mushroom. The slightly toasted coconut flavor along with the mangoes in the Portobello mushroom meal gives it a nice tropical touch.

wildscape meals


wildscape frozen meals

Having two vegetarian options is really great since my family and I often prefer to have Meatless Meals at least once or twice a week. The containers are reusable as well as recyclable and they seem to be pretty durable.

To sum it up, Wildscape meals have it all – taste, flavor as well as nutrition making it perfect for not just busy moms but also for people who are looking for easy meal options on crazy busy days.

wildscape meals


Have you tried out Wildscape Meals? You can get these at H-E-B, Publix, Harris Teeter, Fresh Market, and AmazonFresh.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think