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20 Instagram-Worthy Desserts you need to try in New York City

Traveling to New York City and want to try that perfect Dessert?

Look no further! These 20 drool-worthy Dessert spots in the city will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but are also perfect for that amazing Instagram pic!

20 amazing Instagram-Worthy Desserts you need to try


1. Starting out with one of our favorites – Spot dessert bar. Located in K-Town as well as a few more locations in NYC they are famous for their unique looking delicious desserts 


2. One of the best dessert destinations – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar is where you can get to experience chocolate with all of your senses.

3. You can’t really talk about NYC dessert without talking about Dominque Ansel bakery, can you? Although they are famous for their Cronuts, don’t forget to try the rest of their desserts.

4. Eggloo offers unconventional flavors and unique combinations that you probably have never tried before.

5. Treat yourself with Black Tap’s crazy milkshakes. But unless you have a huge appetite, we recommend taking a friend along so that you can share it with them. I mean – look how huge they are – 


6. Tipsy Scoop blends artisanally handcrafted with that perfectly mixed cocktail.

7. Taiyaki’s famous fish shaped cones filled with delicious ice cream are all over Instagram and something even you’d want to try!

8. Try out NYC’s First Gold soft serve at Matcha n More.

9. Stax Icecream – a handcrafted ice cream shop that is women-owned and looks too good not to try.

10. Sweet Churros serves handcrafted churros that are prepared right in front of the customers for the best & freshest taste.

11. Love gelato? Then you gotta check these handcrafted gelatos on a stick at PopBar


12. Sweet Moment’s signature dessert is ‘Bingsoo’, which is shaved ice in different flavors.  Apart from this, they also serve waffles with various toppings.

13. If you are a cookie dough fan – Cookie Do NYC is quite literally made for you. The best part about them is that you don’t have to be in NYC to try them out because they also ship nationwide.

14. Wowfulls aim is to bring you the popular Hong Kong street food Hong Kong egg waffles,  to the streets of New York City.

15. One of our personal favorites – Baked by Melissa’s bite-sized cupcakes and macarons not only look delicious but also look oh-so-adorable.

16. Do you know what a ‘Donnoli’ is? It is a delicious mix of donuts and Italian Cannolis that you can try at Vaccaro’s Bakery. 


17. New Territories has a ton of Hong Kong style ice creams, milkshakes as well as bubble waffles that will leave any dessert lover spoilt for choice.

18. Ube Kitchen serves delicious plant-based Filipino-inspired desserts. 

19. Raindrop Cake is a Brooklyn based company serving vegan one of a kind raindrop cakes. And if you are someone who loves creating unique dessert recipes at home, they even sell a raindrop cake kit worth $29 on their site.

20. Dough Donuts uses brioche-type dough that is prepared in small batches throughout the day so that customers can always get the freshest doughnuts possible.

Have you tried out any of these delicious desserts? If you are a dessert lover, you should definitely try at least some of these amazing creations the next time you are in NYC.

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    April 26, 2019

    These look so decadent! Love them all!

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