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5 Ways we are Going Organic in our Lifestyle

This post is sponsored by Earth’s Best Organic®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Breast milk is the first choice for infant’s growth and development but if and when you choose formula, you can feel good knowing there is an organic choice – Earth’s Best Organic®.

Living an organic lifestyle has so many benefits. Here are a few ways of how my family is embracing a more Organic Lifestyle.

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When you become a parent for the first time, there are so many things you learn. From making sure that you’re making the right choices for your little one to teaching him how to be a better human, the list goes on.

Ever since we’ve had a baby, we’ve become more and more aware of our surroundings – what we eat, how we spend time on meaningful things etc. As new parents, it is natural for us to want to make sure that we are setting the right example for our little one.

My husband and I were trying to embrace a more organic lifestyle even before we became parents. Now that our little one is here, it is all the more important for me to stick to it because children grow up looking at you and follow what you do.

Here’s how my family and I are embracing a more organic lifestyle –

Spend more time amidst nature

When my baby was a newborn, I was naturally spending a lot of time indoors with him, tending to his every need. But now that he is four months old and we are more comfortable with his routine, we’re trying to spend more time outdoors as a family, amidst nature.

It can be tough sometimes, especially since babies have their own minds and things may never go as per our plans, but it’s worth trying. spending time in nature

Choosing Organic Food for the Entire Family

My husband and I have always chosen organic food products whenever we can. But does organic only have to be for adults? Why not start it from the very beginning? That was my question when our baby was born. Because hey, more than anything, our babies deserve the best.

That’s why as a mother, I’ve chosen Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy formula for my little one. Earth’s Best Organic® has been leading the Organic Food Movement since 1985,  and believe that every baby deserves an organic start in life. As a new mom, it is so reassuring to know that they provide high-quality organic infant formulas that are right for a wide variety of families.

earth's best organic infant formula

Their milk-based formulas are produced with milk from cows fed certified organic feed and not given artificial growth hormones* or antibiotic. It has Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids to support brain, and eye development and are Iron Fortified for healthy development.

Plus, the Dairy Formula has no added corn syrup solids. And the most important thing is that it is free of genetically modified ingredients. Knowing this gives me peace of mind and assurance that my baby is getting the right nutrition.


earth's best formula


earth's best infant organic formula


I always prefer to get mine at Walmart whenever we do our grocery shopping as it is quick and convenient.

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Embrace your Green Thumb

Okay, I will be honest and say that growing fruits or veggies is not really my forte. Plus not everyone has the space for it. When I first started, I thought I’d start with plants that require the least amount of care and then slowly began growing herbs and things like green onions, tomatoes etc.

Growing plants and seeing them thrive is not only super satisfying but can also be a great way to involve the kids and teach them interesting facts.

Cherish Life’s Organic & Raw moments

When we say organic, it doesn’t mean just organic food. It also means spending time more organically with your loved ones. It’s those little intimate and raw moments that make the best memories.

We are making conscious efforts towards being present in the present and not seeing everything through the lens of our camera. Because sometimes its necessary to capture life’s precious moments with your eyes and not through a camera lens.

playing with baby


spending time with baby

Be Mindful

Being mindful towards how you spend your money and what you buy will not only help your wallet but will also reduce your overall carbon footprint.

It is so easy to get carried away and often we buy what we don’t need. That’s why every time I buy something – I always take a pause and think – do I really need it? This has helped me to stop making mindless purchases which also makes means having less junk around the house.

Keeping in mind that it’s the small steps that can lead to big changes is really important.

So tell me, are you living an organic lifestyle? If yes, what are the ways in which you do it?

Also, If you’re a new parent or a parent-to-be and are choosing to formula feed, I hope you take a look at Earth’s Best Organic® infant formula, as well as take advantage of the Shopkick offer when you shop at Walmart.

And if you know anyone who’s a new parent or could benefit with this post, I would love it if you share this post with them!

*No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non rbST-treated foods.



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