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Em Restaurant – Brooklyn, New York

Stop by this beautiful little Vietnamese restaurant for some delicious soups, sandwiches, smoothies and more.

summer shrimp rolls

About Em Restaurant

Em is owned by Patrick Lin, a second-generation Chinese Vietnamese and his wife, Chef Ly Nguyen, a small town Vietnamese girl. Their love for food ultimately resulted in this beautiful little restaurant in Brooklyn that started in January 2018. They use some of the freshest produce to make sure their food always tastes fresh and delicious.

Hospitality & Decor

The restaurant has a warm and cozy feel and will certainly make you feel welcome. The service is quick and the staff is attentive, making sure you are comfortable and you get served quickly.


Em Restaurant


Em Restaurant

Here’s a glimpse of the delicious food served at Em Restaurant –


Aloe, It’s me – $6 – A refreshing mix of aloe vera, lychee, mint, and lemon. 

First off, how creative is the name of this drink? If you like the famous Adele song, you’ve got to try out this perfectly refreshing drink, especially on a hot summer day. Aloe vera is said to be great for hair and skin and the litchi adds a touch of tropical flavor to this beverage.

aloe litchi juice


Summer Rolls (Goi Cuon) $6 – Made with shrimp, lettuce, mint, chives, vermicelli noodles wrapped in rice paper with peanut sauce

These summer rolls dipped in their delicious peanut sauce are a delicious combo and a great way to start your meal.

summer rolls


Banh Mi Bo  – $9 – Aromatic braised beef sandwich with lime juice, onions, black pepper, Vietnamese mayo, house-made pate, cilantro, pickled carrots & daikon

bahn mi bo sandwich

There is nothing better than beef that has been cooked for 24 hours. The juicy beef along with the locally sourced bread makes it one irresistible combo and you will certainly savor each and every bite of this sandwich.

bahn mi bo sandwich - beef sandwich


Mien Ga – $8.50 – Vietnamese Chicken noodle soup for the soul featuring glass noodles, fresh shredded chicken, scallions, onions, & cilantro

Very comforting and warm – this is the kind of soup I could practically have all day, every day. The broth, in particular, is really flavorful – something that you would enjoy even when you’re feeling a little under the weather.

Vietnamese Chicken noodle soup


Hu Tieu Em – $8.50 – Em’s signature soup noodle with shrimp, pork ribs, quail eggs, chives, scallions, cilantro & gluten-free rice noodles

Right from the tender pork ribs to the seafood broth, this soup is basically like a meat and seafood lover’s delight and will keep you full for a very long time.

signature noodle soup with shrimp and pork ribs

I mean if this doesn’t make you feel like diving into this delicious bowl, I don’t know what will!

signature noodle soup - Em restaurant

Vietnamese Iced Coffee – $3 – Classic slow drip Vietnamese Iced Coffee brewed with Robusta beans from Vietnam

A bold, aromatic coffee for people who love their coffee to be strong. However, make sure you tell them how much sugar you want/ don’t want as we found ours to be a tad too sweet.


Vietnamese coffee

Final Verdict? 

This little restaurant is great for a quick pit stop when you’re hungry and you’re craving for something hearty and comforting. During rush hours, the place can get pretty full. But the quick service makes up for it and you will get seated with practically no or very less wait time. 

Overall we really enjoyed everything and Em is a lovely place to enjoy a nice Vietnamese meal. We did not get to try out their smoothies but they definitely sound tempting. 

Website: Em Restaurant

Address: 1702 86th St.
Brooklyn, NY
Tel.: 718-232-3888

Trains: D to 18th Ave. Parking on street is available

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