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Umi Sushi – Millburn, New Jersey

With an extensive Japanese Asian Fusion cuisine, UMI SUSHI nestled in Millburn, New Jersey is the perfect place where ‘East meets West’ and a great way to treat your friends and family.

Manhattan Roll


With a modern, refined and perpetually evolving menu, UMI SUSHI strives to serve the best and freshest dishes to their customers.

Danny Wang, the owner of UMI SUSHI began working under his dad at the young age of 14 at a Chinese restaurant here in the US. With his keen observant skills and a thirst for knowledge, Danny was inspired to pursue the art of Japanese cooking.

Danny, along with the very talented Chef KY who has over 12 years of experience in the industry, has created some of the best Japanese and Asian Fusion dishes that you can imagine.

The restaurant has also received multiple top-of-the-line reviews from New Jersey Monthly, Facebook, Yelp and other publications.


umi sushi, millburn, NJ


umi sushi restaurant


Hospitality & Decor

umi sushi, millburn


The restaurant was recently renovated and has 1900 square feet with maple wood tables, as well as a bar up front to enjoy delicious bites from their brand new Japanese Asian fusion menu.

As for the hospitality, the restaurant staff is really attentive and are happy to serve with a pleasant smile on their face making you feel welcome.


umi sushi bar


Here’s a glimpse of the delicious food served at UMI SUSHI –

Shishito Peppers 

shishito peppers

We began our meal with Shishito Peppers which is such a simple yet delicious way to start our meal. I will say that you won’t be able to stop at just one.


Hamachi Crush

Hamachi Crush

Yellowtail with garlic paste, micro cilantro, and crushed chips on top. Yup, crushed chips! Interesting, isn’t it? Just looking at this beautifully presented dish made my mouth water. Hubs instantly became a huge fan of this dish the moment he put one in his mouth and he practically devoured the entire dish.

Cajun Miso

Cajun Miso

Yet another beautifully presented dish which had seared Cajun white tuna glazed with sweet miso and mango. The mango combined with the sweet miso gave this dish a tropical twist and was one of our favorites.


cajun miso

Beef Negimaki

Thinly sliced beef rolled with scallion and topped with teriyaki sauce. The beef was cooked perfectly and honestly, I could easily devour a couple of these within a few minutes. And, who can say no to Teriyaki sauce?

Beef Negimaki


Beef Negimaki

Rock Shrimp

I always love it when the shrimp is succulent & soft from the inside with a little bit of crunch on the outside. This dish reminded us of the bang bang shrimp that you get in Bonefish Grill which is one of the most loved dishes by people.

rock shrimp

Surume Ika

Grilled squid with ginger sauce. Once again, top-notch presentation with a perfectly lovely ginger sauce that complemented the squid really well.

Grilled squid

grilled squid


Manhattan Roll

manhattan roll

This was by far one of the prettiest looking dishes. I mean with beautiful colors like these, I’m pretty sure even a non-Sushi lover would be tempted to try it out! The vibrant colors are an instant crowd pleaser for sure.

Manhattan Roll

Assorted platter

One of the most unique and interesting dishes that was served to us. While each one had different types of fish like salmon, eel, and yellowtail, the toppings ranged from kiwi, jalapeno to even a banana chip.

assorted sushi

Salmon Fried Rice

salmon fried rice

Honestly, this was the first time we tried Salmon fried rice and it tasted mind-blowingly amazing. I think the next time, I’m going to skip regular chicken fried rice and have salmon fried rice.

Fried Vanilla Ice cream

I really, really wanted to try their exotic Bamba from their dessert menu which is basically a mango passionfruit raspberry sorbet covered in white chocolate. Unfortunately, they didn’t have it that day. However, they did have Fried Ice cream in a couple of flavors & I opted the vanilla flavor.

fried ice cream

If you have never tried fried ice cream, you’re definitely missing out on it. It’s a great hot-cold dessert combo with its crispy fried hot exterior and a cold dollop of ice cream on the inside.

Final Verdict?

With its warm and inviting ambiance and a fresh, unique and mouthwatering menu, UMI SUSHI is the place to go whenever you are craving some mouthwatering Japanese dishes.

Don’t just go because we said so. Go because I know this place would easily become your new favorite restaurant.

As for us, I will say that instead of going to New York all the way to some of my favorite Japanese restaurants, UMI SUSHI is going to become my new go-to place.

Website: UMI SUSHI

Address: 339 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ 07041

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    June 8, 2018

    Oh my, so delicious, a food paradise for me! I love it!

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    Rhonda Sittig

    July 1, 2018

    What an amazing place! Some of that Sushi is so beautiful, I’d almost hate to eat it! Fun post Shamira!

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