Celebrate Summer & Reach your Dreams with Macy’s and Cara Alwill Leyba

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Celebrate summer and reach your dreams with Macy's and Cara Alwill Leyba
Image Source: Macy’s Culinary Council website

Looking to celebrate summer in style? Want to get inspired to achieve your dreams? Look no further. Macy’s Culinary Council is bringing a FREE summer event next week at Brooklyn, New York by teaming up with bestselling author and Master Life coach Cara Alwill Leyba who will inspire you to live your best life.


In my previous post, I had mentioned that summer is a great time to find out about free events or activities where you live. And how awesome would it be if it’s a free event organized by none other than retail giant Macy’s along with a chance to get a few freebies?!

Next Friday I’m heading to a and I want to invite all of you guys to join me too! The event will have Bestselling author and Master Lifecoach Cara Alwill Leyba who will inspire you and tell you how to achieve your life goals and dreams over a bubbly glass of champagne. 

Macy's Culinary Council at Downtown Brookyln


Apart from being an author of several books, Cara has an inspiring blog where she teaches women to take control of their lives, celebrate themselves and work towards their own happiness. She has spoken about her ‘Champagne Diet Lifestyle’ and how she changed her life and achieved her dreams through it. Yes guys, if you’ve never heard about Cara’s ‘Champagne Diet’ you really need to read about it.

I believe in working hard towards your goals and being the boss of your own life. So I’m excited to learn more from her and how I can work towards a happier life through this fun and exciting event. 

Oh, and there’s more to it – If you RSVP to this event, you will receive a free $10 Macy’s gift card when you check in at this event. While you’re at Macy’s, you can browse in the Home section and if you make a purchase worth $35, you will also get a special gift and a copy of Cara’s bestselling book ‘Girl Code’ which she will sign herself!

So what are you waiting for? If you stay in or around New York, there’s no reason why you should skip this fun event. Join me along with so many others at the Macy’s Culinary Council Event in Downtown Brooklyn to learn the best tips for achieving your goals.

And don’t forget the most important thing – the Macy’s Culinary Council event is completely FREE! Don’t forget to RSVP to get your free $10 Macy’s gift card!

You I will also be posting reminders and updates on my social media about it.

See you there!






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