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How we Save Money when Eating out (& How You Can Too!)

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So you love eating out but are not a fan of the hole that it creates in your wallet by the end of the month? Don’t worry you’re not the only one.

10 Ways to Save money When Eating Out - So you love eating out but hate the hole it creates in your wallet by the end of the month? Even if you're spending just a couple of dollars on a beverage or a small snack a few times a month, if you go back and add everything up, it can be a substantial amount.

As much as I love making easy and healthy recipes at home, eating out is one of my guilty pleasures. But every good thing comes with a price and sometimes you may start feeling the pinch.

Even if you’re spending just a couple of dollars on a beverage or a small snack a few times a month, if you go back and add everything up, it can eventually turn out to be a substantial amount.

But there are a lot of ways to have the best of both the worlds – what I mean is, you can still eat out and save money by being a little smart when dining out.

Here are a few tips for a Foodie from a Foodie –

1. Happy Hours

There’s a reason why ‘Happy hours’ are so popular. Not only do you get offers on drinks but you can also get good deals on certain dishes. So next time you’re planning to treat yourself, find out whether the place you’re heading to has happy hours and save some money.


A single glass of wine can cost roughly between $7 – $12 depending on where you go. If you really want to save money and still have a good time, find out whether your favorite restaurants have a ‘Bring Your Own Bottle’ policy and take advantage of that.

3. Go for Water

The cost of beverages can add up easily, especially when you’re out dining as a whole family. Unless you’re out for a treat on a special occasion, try to avoid ordering beverages and go for plain water instead.

Not only will you not add up extra calories by downing sugar-laden beverages, but you will end up paying a lot less by the end of your meal.

4. Share a Meal

sharing food in restaurants

Often when we get individual entrées, we are not able to finish it completely, especially if the portions are considerably large.

While this can be great as leftovers for the next day, remember that you do end up spending more rather than what is required.

If you’re not sure whether one single entrée will be enough between two, you can always ask the server. Most people will be honest and tell you whether the quantity served at their restaurant is enough to split between two people.


5. Take advantage of Restaurants in your Birthday month

Okay, this is my MOST favorite way to save money! There are a lot of restaurants in the United States that offer freebies and discounts during your birthday month. 

Benihana, Buca Di Beppo, Applebees are some of the places that offer some really cool offers during your birthday month. All you have to do is register with your name, birth date, and email id and they will send you freebies and offers straight to your inbox. 

Benihana gives you $30 off coupon that you can redeem in your birthday month! That’s right – $30 off! Buca Di Beppo gives you a $15 off coupon and if you book a table of 4 on your birthday, they’ll even give you a Free Birthday cake.

To take full advantage of this, tell everyone in your family to register on any or all of these restaurant sites and you can celebrate everyone’s birthdays at a discounted price!

A few of my other favorite places that offer freebies on your birthday or during your birthday month are –

And for those who don’t reside in the US, just google what offers you can get during your birthday in the restaurants in your country.

6. Check Deals

Sites like Restaurant.com have ongoing deals going on all the time. You can buy gift cards at a lower value or even get deals on home delivery.

And if you’re going to be shopping through restaurant.com, do not forget to use cashback sites like Swagbucks or Ebates. They’ll give you anywhere from 5% – 15% cashback (depending on the ongoing deal) Total winner if you ask me!

7. Take-out

Instead of eating in at a restaurant, order take-out. Many times when we sit in a restaurant to dine in, we’re tempted to order more than what is actually required. 

Eat24.com almost always has $2 off deals when you order delivery from one of their many restaurants. (Just google – ‘Eat 24 promo codes’ and you’ll get a ton of promo codes that you can use)

Similarly, Delivery.com also has deals like their $7 off your first order.

8. Skip the appetizers or Entrée

Unless the restaurant you go to serves some killer appetizers that you just can’t resist, I say skip the appetizers.

Like for example one of my favorite appetizers happen to be the Bang Bang shrimp at ‘Bonefish Grill’ or the Greek Fries at ‘It’s Greek to Me.’ That is something I will always order whenever we go there. 

But most other times, we just avoid the apps and go straight for the entrée. 

This can also work in the opposite way as well – if you’re not too hungry and just want a small meal to fill you up, just order something from the Appetizer or Sides menu. Both your stomach and wallet will thank you for it.

9. Sign up for Newsletters

You can get a lot of perks and offers just by signing up for the email newsletters of your favorite restaurants. Many times they will send exclusive offers or coupons just for their email list members that may not be available for other people.

So the next time you’re heading out, you can quickly search your inbox for any offers that you might have received.

10.  Follow on Social Media

If you don’t happen to check your promotional emails all the time (it can get really overwhelming sometimes), just follow your favorite restaurants on their social media.

As with many brands, Restaurants often post ongoing deals and offers during holidays or special occasions such as ‘BOGO or Free desserts for a limited time’ on their Facebook page or their Twitter or Instagram. This way you can stay updated and take advantage of their special offers.

So these are some of the ways we try to save money when we eat out. What are your favorite ways to save money when eating out?

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10 Ways to Save money When Eating Out - So you love eating out but hate the hole it creates in your wallet by the end of the month? Even if you're spending just a couple of dollars on a beverage or a small snack a few times a month, if you go back and add everything up, it can be a substantial amount.

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    May 17, 2017

    Great post! I do many of these suggestions, but my favorite is happy hour! ?

    • Reply


      May 17, 2017

      Oh yes Happy Hour is the best! ?Thank you for stopping by.

  • Reply


    May 17, 2017

    You can never go wrong with the happy hour deals!

  • Reply


    May 18, 2017

    Swagbucks also has a new service I would urge everyone to check out… it’s called swagbucks local and you can either register on their site or download the app and get cash back in a bunch of local restaurants around you

    • Reply


      May 18, 2017

      Wow! I wasn’t aware about that, Andre. Thanks a lot for this excellent tip! I’ll definitely download their app.

  • Reply

    These are some great tips!

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    May 19, 2017

    Great suggestions! Most I had never thought of!

    • Reply


      May 19, 2017

      Thanks a lot, Cathy! Maybe next time you go out eat, you can try some of these tips to save some money ?

  • Reply


    May 21, 2017

    Happy hours, swap to water rather than to drink, share and eat are the best choices that I always do

    • Reply


      May 21, 2017

      Yes!! That’s the best and the easiest way to save money ???

  • Reply


    May 21, 2017

    Great tips. I usually do the water thing.
    And if it’s a new place I want to try, I usually try to get as many friends as I can so I can try out more dishes. So if I like any, upon a return trip, I would only order and split with whoever i go with a small app and whatever was my favorite entree from the prior visit.

    • Reply


      May 22, 2017

      That’s a really cool trick. That way you can get to try out different dishes and then decide which one you love the best 🙂

  • Reply


    May 26, 2017

    Sha, I have nominated you for a Blogger Recognition Award!

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    Janice Wald

    May 30, 2017

    HI Shamira,
    Thanks for bringing your post to the Blogger’s Pit Stop last week.
    Janice, Pit Stop Crew

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    June 1, 2017

    Awesome post!…

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    June 3, 2017

    Great tips! My husband and I love to go out to eat but it certainly can be costly. Thanks for stopping by the Home Matters Linky Party.

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      June 15, 2017

      Thanks a lot for stopping by. Glad you liked my post.

  • Reply


    June 11, 2017

    I have five children, so we usually only eat out if like most of them have gone to a friends house or grandmas. I definitely try to use all of these suggestions, but thank you for reminding me of those I had forgot about 🙂

    • Reply


      June 11, 2017

      I’m glad this post helped to remind you of ways to save money when you eat out. I know it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are a lot of ways to save money when eating out.

  • Reply

    Agness of Run Agness Run

    June 16, 2017

    These tips are awesome! I love happy hours! 🙂

    • Reply


      June 19, 2017

      Glad you liked them, Agness. We love happy hours too 🙂

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