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10 Ways To Pamper Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Can’t decide what to gift your mom this Mother’s day? Here are a few simple yet heartfelt and thoughtful gift ideas that your mom will love –

Heartfelt and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas to pamper your mom

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Mother’s day is soon coming and sometimes it can be so difficult to come up with the perfect gift. But you know  – it’s not how much the gift costs but the thought behind it that really counts.

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Of course, if you ask your mom what she’d like as a gift, most moms like my mom will say that they don’t want anything.

Moms are always so generous and kind and sweet and humble.

And that is why they deserve the best for all that they have ever done for us!

So here are a few thoughtful and heartfelt gifts that you can gift your mom this Mother’s Day –

1. Bake something Delicious

If you love baking, you can make one of her favorite cakes or even a dessert that she absolutely loves! There’s nothing like a homemade treat and your mom will surely appreciate this sweet gesture.

happiness is a piece of cake

2. Take her out for Brunch

If you’re too busy to get all the baking done and just want to have a nice time together, take her out for brunch or dinner to one of her favorite restaurants. 

3. Say you love her with these DIY Photo Cubes

If you love doing easy DIY projects, here’s an easy and heartfelt gift idea shared by the Scrap Shoppe Blog. Just take some of your childhood photos or even a collage of your mom & your kids, and you’ll have something that’s totally personalized. For instructions, read the full post here.

DIY Photo cubes

4. Pamper her with a Spa Gift card

All moms need some pampering and a Spa Gift card to her nearest spa is all she’ll ever need to relax and unwind and take all those worries away.

5. Manicure or Pedicure in a Jar 

But if a Spa is not something that you are looking for, you can still pamper your mom by giving her a mani-pedi kit by making this cute DIY idea that has been shared by The Real thing with the Coake Family. Doesn’t it look so pretty?


mani pedi in a jar - mother's day gift idea

6. Sheet masks

Sheet masks are an inexpensive and a great way to pamper your mom. I love using sheet masks at night as they help to relax and unwind after a busy day. In fact, I love them so much that I always hook up my mom as well as my sister with hydrating and relaxing masks like these Tony Moly Sheet Masks.

7. Homemade Scrubs

How about gifting your mom a handmade Body scrub? Of course, you can go and buy a fancy looking store bought face/ body scrub. But making a homemade Scrub literally takes no time. Plus it will have the advantage of having no artificial ingredients in it. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oils or you can even make this heavenly smelling coffee sugar scrub.

3 Ingredient coffee sugar scrub

8. Essential Oil Diffuser

I cannot even begin to say how much we love using Aroma Diffusers at our home, especially when we go to bed. There’s something about them that helps to relax and unwind. So if your mom doesn’t already own one, Aroma Essential Oil Diffusers are the perfect gift to give her this Mother’s Day.

They won’t break your bank and it’s something that she’ll absolutely love!



9. Say it with Flowers

Of course, flowers are an eternal way to say that you care for someone and sites like Bloom That make it much easier for you to send flowers online.

bloom that flowers

10. The Gift of Time

But if you are really busy and don’t get the time to shop or DIY a gift – don’t be so hard on yourself.  

The best thing that you could possibly give to your mom is your Time!

When was the last time you spent some quality time with her on a one on one basis? Sometimes we get so busy in our lives that we forget about these simple things.

Spend some time with her or offer to help her around the house. If you stay far away from your mom, just give her a call and chat with her. Remember, it’s those little things that count in the end.

gorgeous and heartfelt Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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What will you be giving your mom this year? And if you’re a mom, what’s the most heartfelt thing your child has given to you?

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