How To Travel Like a Pro with GPSmyCity App

How To Travel Like a Pro with GPSmyCity App

Have you ever been in a situation when you read an article online about a specific destination that you’d love to travel to or about a restaurant in a particular city that you’d like to try out and wished you could save it to read later?


Imagine reading an excellent article about a place and thinking – ‘I wish I could use this as one of my guides when I’m exploring that city.’ I mean, sure you could bookmark it on your laptop or email that link to yourself.

But think about it – do you always have your laptop or perfect internet access on your phone while you are traveling? And even if you do, do you always want to use up your precious data plan to search that specific piece of information?

That’s when GPSmyCity – a travel App that is available on iOS and Android for your smartphones and tablets comes into play.


What is GPSmyCity?

If you are someone who loves to travel and explore different places and wants to find out what the locals love but don’t want to spend a fortune on city guided tours, GPSmyCity is your friend.

GPSmyCity features self-guided city walks and travel articles for 700+ cities worldwide. Once installed on your GPS-enabled mobile phone or tablet, the app will turn your mobile device into a personal tour guide.

Currently, it offers city-guided tours in major cities across the globe. This way you can explore all the best attractions at your own pace, on your own time. You can download any article that you wish to from the app and read it later whenever you wish to for free.

There are two versions of this app:

  • The first is where you can download any article that is there on GPSmyCity App for Free and read it later offline. Here is how it will look – GPSmyCity App
  • While the app itself is free and you can save the articles for offline reading, if you need a GPS guided city tour with map, you will have to upgrade for a small fee, which is only a fraction of what you would normally pay for a guided tour.

GPSmyCity App

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It would be really awesome if you could take a minute and download the app on your phone.

To start using their App, just download it from the App Store, then go in any city of your choice and check out the various travel articles they have. Download the articles that you like for future offline reading for Free or if you wish to have a guided tour with map, you can upgrade it for a fee.

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So whether you decide to explore your own city or are traveling to a completely new place, I hope you give GPSmyCity a try on your next travel adventure. And I’m sure you’ll agree with so many other people on just how awesome it is!

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