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15 Gift Ideas for that Coffee Lover in your Life

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For people who are serious coffee lovers or coffee addicts, as they say, having a cup of their favorite freshly brewed coffee means a lot to them.

So if you know someone who is a coffee lover, nothing will say you care for them more than a gift inspired by their love for coffee.

15 Unique Gift Ideas for coffee lovers

With the holidays approaching so quickly, I thought I’d share some fun, unique and affordable gift ideas for that coffee lover in your life! 

Cute Coffee Mugs

A unique coffee mug is a must for a coffee lover because if that’s the way they start their day, no gift will say that you care for them more than a cute and unique coffee mug!

Here are a few cute ideas –

Coffee T-shirt

Okay, I will admit I have one of these – ‘Ok, But First Coffee’ T-shirts that I got from Amazon and the quality is seriously good. I got it over a year back and still wear it! Such Coffee-themed tops will make a super cute gift for your coffee obsessed friend.

Coffee Wall Art

One way to be unique is to download free or paid Coffee printables, put it in a nice frame and gift it. Or you can buy super affordable coffee wall art from any of your favorite sites.


Homemade coffee sugar scrub

ground coffee

Coffee scrub is said to have several benefits like having exfoliating and anti-inflammatory properties that leave your skin soft and radiant. Plus it smells so heavenly, you’d almost want to eat it 😀

This gift will be a perfect way to pamper your loved one and will show that you truly care.  Here is one easy way to make your own Coffee Sugar Scrub at home.


Cute Coffee themed Phone cases

This can be a nice stocking stuffer idea.



Coffee Machine

If your budget is high and you want to spoil someone, a coffee machine like Keurig or Nespresso will do the trick!  But be sure that the person you are gifting the coffee machine doesn’t already own one.

Coffee Pods

Speaking of coffee machines, if you know someone already has a specific brand of coffee machine, you can even gift them a nice big pack of coffee pods that can last them for a while.

Monthly Coffee Subscription


There are many coffee subscription boxes out there where you can customize your choice of coffee as per your taste and liking.

One such subscription box is a service called Bean Box which is a Seattle-based coffee subscription box where you can customize the coffee as per one’s liking and gift a 6monthly or yearly coffee subscription.

Coffee Shop Gift cards

Okay, I know gift cards are considered to be boring and all. But get this – if you are confused what to give or are not sure whether they will like what you give, gifts cards are the safest option.

A Dunkin Donuts or a Starbucks gift card will instantly strike a chord with a true coffee lover!

Just a heads up – Whenever you do online shopping, don’t forget to use Ebates and Swagbucks to maximize your online savings!

Coffee is always a good idea! Check out these 15 gift ideas for Coffee Lovers! Share on X

Do you know someone who is absolutely addicted to coffee? I hope these ideas inspire you to surprise and pamper that special someone in your life who loves coffee more than anything else!

15 Unique Gift Ideas for coffee lovers

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