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DIY Easy Push Pin World Map Wall Art

This DIY Push Pin World Map Wall Art is fun to make and something every travel lover would love to have!

DIY Easy Push Pin World Map Wall Art


Does the thought of making a personalized DIY project for your home excite you? But do complex DIY projects turn you off? If yes, you are not the only one.

This World Map Wall art is really easy, plus no one will know that you made it yourself! 

First things first – I want to start off by saying that I’m not a very artistic person. Now you’ll ask – then why the heck are you writing about a DIY post? Well, because I want to tell you that you do NOT, and I repeat, you do NOT have to be overly artistic to do this fun little DIY Push Pin World Map Wall Art.

I love doing little DIY projects around the home but only if they are easy to make and don’t require any hammering or drilling. ?

I had shared this World Map wall art that I made on my Instagram and many people really seemed to love it. So I decided to share the details of this fun little project.


World Map Wall Art

Since a long time, I was keen on getting a push pin World Map wall art. The idea of pinning all the places that we have been to seemed really interesting to me. But I didn’t want the regular world map… I wanted it to be a little different, a little whimsical, something unique!

I got the inspiration from Etsy and Pinterest but I was not able to find the exact style that I liked. Plus some of the ones that I saw online were priced for $80 and up! That’s when I thought I’d make something of my own and ended up making it at a fraction of a cost.

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So here are the step by step instructions on how I made this easy DIY project –

  1. I downloaded a plain black & white World Map template from Pixabay – one of the free stock photo sites that I love. You can download it here. Then I experimented with different styles of fonts on Canva and wrote down the continent & ocean names. I also wrote one of my favorite quotes by JRR Tolkien. This is the time to be creative so do whatever your heart desires. Then, Download the highest quality image from Canva.

  2. Next, I printed this image (24 x 36 size) from this site called Vista Print. You can do it from any of the office supply stores too (always check out if they have any deals going on). I went for a Matt finish but you can go for a glossy finish as well.

World Map

3. Then, I got this 24 x 36 cork board from Amazon. I tried searching it in Michaels but found that Amazon had a better deal. Pro Tip: Always check for prices on Amazon before buying from other stores. You’ll be amazed at how the prices can vary for the same product.

Cork Board

4. Now with a light brush of mod podge/ glue, apply your World Map poster onto this  cork board with a foam brush. (Don’t apply too much glue else there will be air bubbles and won’t look good) Hang with nails or with Command Picture Hanging Strips (I personally prefer command strips since they are easier and much more convenient to use. Plus they don’t damage the walls.)

5. Start pinning by using different colored push pins.

And you are done! That plain, boring wall of yours now has something pretty to display!

DIY Push Pin World Map Wall Art

When someone asks you, just tell them you made it yourself and be ready for compliments!

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See how easy that was?! You can even choose to make it plain and simple. Or if this style isn’t yours, you can even get a regular world map poster with the names of all the countries etc. and follow the same process.

What are some of the fun creations that you made for your home and are proud of? Let me know… I would love to know about them!

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