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Vegan Rainbow Power Salad

Have you hopped on the Rainbow Bandwagon yet?? The Rainbow trend has been going around for such a long time now that I couldn’t resist and decided to make my very own Rainbow Salad.

Vegan Rainbow Power Salad - power bowl filled with protein and antioxidants!

This colorful and delicious rainbow salad is not only vegan but also packed with a lot of protein. I have added a lot of fun colors to this salad – which is perfect for Spring and Summer.

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Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

This easy and healthy Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse is a delicious and healthy dessert that you can enjoy without feeling guilty!

Easy and healthy Greek Yogurt Chocolate mousse - a delicious and healthy dessert that you can enjoy without feeling guilty


As we are all set for Spring, that familiar feeling of eating something chilled and sweet hit me the other day. For most people like me, ice cream is the go-to dessert. But what do you do when you want to eat something that’s a little healthier?

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Pepperoni Pizza Twists + Free Fun Printable

Pepperoni Pizza Twists - an easy party appetizer to make at home!

The 59th Grammy Awards are coming this weekend and I’m super excited to see this year’s winners! Some of my favorite singers have been nominated and well, let’s just say, the best one wins! I love looking at the best (& of course the worst) dressed celebrities and it’s a lot of fun guessing who the winners will be! The Grammy’s also mean yet another excuse to party! 

So for the upcoming weekend, when all the stars will be sizzling on screen during the Grammy’s, these delicious and easy Pepperoni Pizza Twists will be sizzling on our plates! To make it even better, I paired them with some delicious SkinnyPop Popcorn. They are my go-to snack, be it movies or a late night show. It’s so versatile plus it’s kind of a guilt-free snack, don’t ya’all agree?

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How to Eat Homemade Gourmet Meals without Cooking

*This post contains affiliate links. 

How To Eat Homemade Gourmet Meals without Cooking

Has life become so hectic that you are constantly on take out meals? Maybe you want to eat a delicious homemade gourmet meal but don’t have the time or patience to do so. 

Or maybe, you just want to take a break some day from all the cooking and the running around that you do. All you wish to do is kick back with a glass of wine (or coffee, perhaps?) and wish someone handed you a steaming plate of deliciousness.

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Spreading Joy with 4 Easy Holiday Themed Cookies

Spread joy with Holiday Themed cookies

I will admit that I always try and put off baking. It’s not that I don’t enjoy baking but rather the thought of – “will my cookies turn out perfectly delicious, moist and ooey-gooey”  stresses me out.

I always like to joke around and say – “Don’t trust anyone who says no to a Cookie!” I mean, seriously, who can say no to cookies? If you do, well, we can’t be friends. Okay, I’m kidding 😀 but I confess that I’m addicted to cookies and I like to indulge in them every once in a while. I feel Holidays are the time when everyone should treat themselves without that guilty feeling 🙂 

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How to Have Stress-Free Holidays with Oven Ready Turkey + 2 Easy Side Dishes & a Giveaway!

How to have stress-free holidays with oven Ready Turkey and 2 Easy Side Dishes

The Holiday mood is in full swing everywhere and just thinking about all the festivities is already making me so excited! But let’s face it – holidays can sometimes be stressful with all the shopping and the running around that you have to do.

From the beginning, I have always said that I wish to inspire all of you to enjoy delicious meals without having to spend too much time in the kitchen.

So how do you host a delightful and hassle-free party? Well, you don’t have to have extraordinary skills in the culinary department to host fabulous parties.

Thanksgiving is almost here and by using JENNIE-O® OVEN READY™ Turkey along with some easy side dishes, you won’t have to worry about cooking a huge storm at your home.

Read on to find out how I made a delicious hassle-free holiday meal. I’m also sharing 2 Easy side dishes in this post. Plus there’s a fun Giveaway at the end! {Giveaway closed} 

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