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DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath Under $10

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Whether you place this super cute and easy Halloween Wreath on your front door to welcome all the guests or add it on your mantel for an elegant display, this easy DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath will definitely add that extra spark to your Fall and Halloween decor!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath under

Lately, the DIY bug has caught me and I’m all about creating fun little projects. And when it’s stuff from Dollar Tree, it’s all the more fun because… uhhh who doesn’t love some good bargain deals?? I mean everything’s $1, what’s not to love?!!

DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath under $10

Whenever I go to Dollar Tree, I have a specific list in my mind and then I’m like – wait, that’s just a dollar, that’s just a dollar and on and on. The next thing I know, the cart is already full with stuff that I hadn’t planned on getting! Does that happen with you as well?

For this DIY Project, I wanted to make a Wreath focusing on both – Fall as well as Halloween. So I kind of combined both the themes together.

All the supplies for this easy DIY Halloween Wreath cost me less than $10. You can even customize it and turn it into a Fall, Thanksgiving or even a Christmas Wreath using the same technique. The possibilities are endless!

All I did was get a wire ring, some pretty ribbon, faux Fall leaves, and a little bit of Halloween stuff like a cute Burlap Owl and Foam Glitter bats.

I first arranged everything and tried to see how things will look. By using some burlap ribbon, I also made a pretty bow (see instructions below.) Once I was happy with my arrangement, I glued everything together and voila – my Halloween Wreath was done under half an hour and under $10!

DIY Halloween Wreath under $10

This is a fun little project and you can even ask the kids to help you with it!

Here are the items you’ll need –

  1. Metal Wreath Ring
  2. Decorative Mesh
  3. Colorful leaves
  4. Faux flowers
  5. Glitter branch
  6. Burlap Ribbon 
  7. Faux Pumpkin
  8. Bat/ Spider Glitter Foam Shapes
  9. Hot Glue Gun
  10. Scissors/ Clippers

Here are the detailed step by step instructions on how you can make this cute DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath under $10 –

To make this wreath, I used a Metal Wreath Ring 14 1/4″ that looks like this –

Metal Wreath Ring - Dollar Tree

I then used this Decorative Mesh in yellow color to cover it.

Decorative Mesh - Dollar Tree

This is how it will look once you cover the Metal wreath Ring with the Decorative Mesh. It will add a little bit of puffiness to your wreath. By using this method, you can easily stick all your decorations on it.

 Wreath DIY

Then comes the actual fun part! Gather all your supplies. You can even look into some of the Fall/ Halloween decor that you may have from last year and get creative! Here all the things that I used –

Supplies for DIY Halloween or Fall Wreath

I  then started arranging the faux leaves, flowers, foam bat shapes, the faux Pumpkin and the branches. I also made a cute ribbon by using the burlap bow to give a little bit of  that rustic look. (This is an optional step)

Here’s how you can make a bow from a burlap ribbon.  Cut the ribbon in the following ways (as per the size you want) and then place the pieces on top of each other and use a hot glue gun to secure it.

How to make Bow from Burlap Ribbon

DIY Burlap Bow

Try and fill all the gaps by using the faux leaves or branches. I used purple bats for a pop of color but you can use spiders/ skulls or anything that you like. If you are not into these things, you can choose to just use the flowers and pumpkins. Arrange all the things and secure them with a Hot Glue Gun

DIY Halloween/ Fall Wreath - Dollar Tree Crafts

Once you are happy with the way it looks, you can hang it on your door or display it on the mantel inside your home.

And this is how you can make an easy DIY Halloween Wreath under $10 using all the supplies from Dollar Tree!

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If you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby, you can even order online and get a discount if you order things in bulk.


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DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath under


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