Cee’s B/W Challenge: Snow & Skyline

snow heart

Hey everyone..! Hope ya’all are doing fine. We were caught up in this crazy snow storm last weekend but thankfully everything is back on track now… except for mountains of snow piled up everywhere making it very difficult toΒ walk or even drive with all the slush and black ice that has been formed. Ughh! I hope all those who were caught up in the storm are all safe.

This week’s topic for Cee’s Black & White Challenge is – Anything that starts with the Letter ‘S’ and the firstΒ thing that came to my mind was – this maddening ‘Snow!’ I mean it’s all around me right now – so I thought it would be apt for this fun challenge.


Snow storm
Winter Storm Jonas


This next photo is of our poor car buried under a pile of snow. It was an exhausting experience and the snow plow truck had to be called twice to clear out everything as it was almost impossible to manually shovel all the snow. You can only imagine the harrowing situation we (as well as so many others) have faced in the past couple of days.

snow storm

Moving on, the next image is of the beautiful Skyline of New York city as seen from New Jersey.

new york skyline


black and white photo challenge

I hope I did justice to the challenge. Thank you Cee for always coming up with these wonderful topics… you are the best πŸ™‚


Smiling Notes



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