Quote Challenge Day 1 & Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Yet Again!

Yayy!! 💃 Another Quote challenge as well as an Award!! Makes my heart so happy!! This time I got nominated by 4 beautiful bloggers. 

Quote Challenge:

The beautiful and talented Erika@Author Erika Kind  and the very lovely Deepa@Madraasi nominated me for this challenge! No words will be enough to describe Erika..she is one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. She is truly inspiring not just through her daily kind quotes and beautiful posts but also through her ever supportive attitude.

Deepa on the other hand is a busy mom who manages to cook up a storm in the kitchen! 


* Post one quotation a day for three days (they can be from other sources or one of your own).

* Nominate 3 other bloggers to participate per post.

* Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Quote Day 1:


Now onto the Award –

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award:

Linda@Linda Creation (who I like to call my sweet sis) and Sadie@Sadie’s Nest nominated me for the Sisterhood Award.

Linda’s recipes are always a delight- I have learnt so many new things from her! Sadie on the other hand not only shares mouth watering recipes but also interesting things about her life. She is a supermom of 4 gorgeous kids! Do give their blogs a visit and I’m sure you will thank me later.

So the Rules are:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer ten questions your nominator has provided.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers.
  • Create 10 new questions for your nominees to answer


1. What inspire you to become a blogger?

A. To be honest, I never really thought I would blog. It was my desire to share the things that I love that inspired me to start blogging.

2- An item you never forget to bring along with you?

A. My Phone

3- Favourite type of food?

A. Food made by mum 

4- Favourite type of movie?

A. I like anything from chick flicks to action movies and even animated movies. But I stay away from the horror movies…gives me the chills. shudder

5- Are you able to go out without using any makeup? Why?

A. If it’s a run to the grocery store or when I’m at home, I don’t wear makeup (I know there are many people who wear makeup even at home and that’s perfectly fine. Every person is different) But while going out, I like to apply make up. Not always over the top dramatic makeup, but a medium coverage foundation and lip stain/ lip gloss always helps to brighten up an otherwise dull day

6- Which topics makes you follow a blog?

A. I love to follow anything from food, travel, poetry, book reviews, make up, DIY and inspirational blogs!

7- Who is the person you most admire?Why?

A. My dear dear hubby 

8- Getting old or being immortal?

A. As much as immortality sounds cool, If it means getting immortal at the age of 60, no thank you. I would rather like to get old gracefully.

9- Favourite musical instrument?

A. Well, I do not know how to play any musical instrument (sadly) but I do love the piano very much.

10- Something you can’t live without?

A. My family


1. What is your favorite activity (aside from blogging)?

A. Current favorite activity is playing tennis since the weather is warmer.

2. Who is your biggest blogging inspiration?

A. Can I just say – all of you?! Honestly, I learn something from all the bloggers and appreciate each and every one of them.

3. Is there a dish you are intimidated to try to make?

A. Yes there are a few…one of them is Tiramisu – I am not sure whether I will be able to get the flavor and the moistness of the cake perfect.

4. What did you eat for breakfast?

A. Oats – overnight oats to be specific 😀

5. Where is your dream destination?


6. If you had 1 more hour in a day, how would you use it?

A. Probably sleep lol

7. For traveling do you prefer boat, plane, train or automobile?

A. I love road trips so I would prefer an automobile. 

8. Skiing in the Alps or bumming it on the beach?

A. Can I have both?? hahaha 

9. Have you ever done karaoke?

A. Sadly No…but not that you asked this questions, I have the urge to do it 😀

10. What’s your favorite form of pampering?

A. When I get a meal prepped by hubby!

So there you go! Thank you Linda and Sadie for the nomination. It always makes me happy to be nominated for an award.

I am not nominating anyone in this post as I know many of you have already been nominated. Plus I’m traveling so I didn’t get the time to prepare new questions for the nominees. Sorry for that. 

Have a good day and keep on blogging!


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    Erika Kind

    August 22, 2015

    Wow that was a lot of work! Congratulations to both award nominations, sister! And the quote is great… I just have to hid it from my kids … lol

    • Reply

      Smiling Notes

      August 22, 2015

      Hehee yes..I did a lot of pending work 😆
      And yes don’t show that quote to your kids Lmao..but isn’t it so true 😜

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    August 23, 2015

    Kudos for the award!

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    August 26, 2015


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