The “LOVE / HATE Blogger Challenge”!


Recently, my sweet blogger friend Gail from snapshotsincursive nominated me for this challenge.

I consider myself really lucky to be connected with such sweet bloggers all around the world. Gail’s blog is wonderful and I love how she lists her recipes alphabetically. You should definitely check her blog as I’m sure you will love it too.

The rules ask that you list ten (10) things you LOVE followed by ten (10) things you HATE. So here I go…..


  1. Listening to my favorite music on a long drive
  2. Relaxing at home on a rainy day with some hot tea/coffee
  3. Getting random sweet surprises by hubby
  4. Mom made food
  5. Playing in the snow
  6. Mangoes
  7. Seeing the smile on hubby’s face when I make some of his favorite dishes
  8. A hot relaxing bath
  9. Endless chats with mom and sis
  10. Fluffy pillows


  1. Extreme low and high temperatures
  2. Good shoes getting dirty
  3. Unorganized clutter
  4. Delays in public transportation
  5. Fake and arrogant people
  6. Food going bad
  7. Flies or any other insects or pests
  8. Being nagged by anyone
  9. Crowded places
  10. Inconsiderate people

I really enjoyed this fun challenge. Thank you Gail once again! My nominations are:


Thanks for reading. I would love to hear what you think